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Through our IS-BAH auditing experience, we find that many FBOs have created some of the required documents, manuals and components but are often missing a Safety Management System (SMS) and an Emergency Response Plan (ERP). As part of our assist program we can help develop these important IS-BAH elements.

Also, ABSG encourages all FBOs to adopt and SMS system whether or not they are considering an IS-BAH registration designation.  An SMS, along with an effective ERP, is an excellent way to create an internal safety culture. In the event you'd like to pursue developing an SMS, we recommend it be written and developed to meet IS-BAH standards. This will put your FBO once step closer to  achieving IS-BAH Registration status should you want to pursue this designation.

Please review our blog on this subject.

In addition, ABSG is uniquely qualified to assist in onsite SMS and ERP training designed to strengthen the safety culture of the FBO enterprise. 

We are also able to assist in conducting a pre-IS-BAH audit which tests the systems in place and further prepares everyone for the final IS-BAH audit.