Winning Strategies for the Savvy FBO Owner, Operator & Manager

 - Maximize Profits    - Reduce Expenses  - Increase FBO Productivity  - Improve Bottom Line Performance

The FBO Success Seminar is for FBO owners, operators, general managers, new managers, finance personnel and other key FBO employees who are interested in building a more successful FBO. Attendees will be exposed to new FBO management techniques and gain essential aviation operational and service knowledge while sharing experieinces with new freinds in the FBO industry.

Seminar Topics

  • How to time fuel purchases to maximize profits: We discuss various strategies that will help strengthen the FBOs fuel supplier relationship in order to increase and maintain the best margins. Also, attendees learn techniques on managing their retail margin prices
  • The best retail sales strategy when fuel prices rise or fall: Are there ways to remain profitable while fuel margins are being squeezed? We discuss various pricing methodologies and answer the age old question: Is there a silver bullet?
  • Developing a favorable lease: A favorable lease provides financial flexibility and will ultimately add intrinsic value to your business. It's one of the keys to positioning your FBO more favorably when you're thinking of a possible merger, sale or acquisition. This session will help you to understand the value of the hard and soft assets of your business.
  • Adding value with the Ultimate Customer Service Experience: FBOs don't put up with mishaps on the ramp so why should they tolerate customer service miscues? Building long-term profitable customer relationships is an essential element in running a successful FBO. We discuss the ingredients for creating the Ultimate Customer Service Experience and share our acclaimed "Don't Forget the Cheese!" training program.  
  • Free money: The ins and outs of fuel hedging: Stock brokers will tell you to never try to time the market. However, when purchasing fuel, timing is critical. We discuss the ins and outs of fuel hedging to add cash to your bottom line.
  • Dealing with non-profitable customers: Every FBO has them. The customers that take up your valuable time but don't contribute appreciably to your bottom line. From hangar queens and overzealous pilots to the reluctant fuel-purchasing customer, we discuss ways to minimize their impact on your business.​
  • Developing your own broker-based fuel pricing strategy: Don't be at the mercy of third party fuel brokers who set YOUR price. Get out in front and develop you own broker-based fuel pricing strategy.
  • ​Business Finance for FBO Operations: This session will help those FBO Owners, Operators and Managers who don't have a financial background but need to know how to obtain the right financial information and how to interpret this information to make strategic and tactical decisions.
  • Lower insurance premiums and credit card fees: The two silent bottom-line killers are paying excessive credit card rates and inflated insurance premiums. We discuss the remedies for decreasing your credit card rates and bringing insurance premiums down
  • Building a winning employee team culture & making the customer your fan: Delivering an Ultimate Customer Service Experience is dependent on a highly motivated team effort. This session will discuss the elements in developing an internal culture that will help make the customer your fan.
  • FBO Appraisals: How to Evaluate the True Worth of Your FBO: In this session, we discuss the various reasons an FBO needs to know the true value of their business. This includes an appraisal of Land and Buildings to determine market rental rate; appraisal to satisfy financial transactions; appraisal of fueling rights and unexpired leasehold interest advantage of multi-hangar FBO facilities.
  • Don't Give it Away! The New FBO Business Model: Operating an FBO in today's economic climate is a real challenge. As the cost of fuel rises, flight departments and individual operators are finding their travel budgets getting thinner. As a result, they've put pressure on FBOs for fuel discounts. At the end of the day, FBOs can't afford to give it away so maybe it's time to look at a new business model that could be a real game changer.Type your paragraph here.

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