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Aviation Business Strategies Group (ABSG) Principal John Enticknap is an Accredited IS-BAH Auditor and is available to conduct IS-BAH audits for the purpose of obtaining an IS-BAH Registration.

ABSG also offers IS-BAH Assist Services (IAS) designed to help FBOs through the registration process. We'll do a gap analysis of your current operating manuals, SMS plan, Emergency Response Plan (ERP) and other important documents and processes in  order to determine what is missing then assist in bringing them up to IS-BAH conforming standards. In the event an FBO is missing any manuals or plans, we can  assist in developing them.

In addition, ABSG is uniquely qualified to assist in onsite SMS and ERP training designed to strengthen the safety culture of the FBO enterprise. We are also able to assist in conducting a pre-IS-BAH audit. These services can potentially shorten the IS-BAH audit preparation time which can speed up the IS-BAH Registration process.