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 Certified CSR Workshops 

a Rousing Success!

Our CSR Certified Workshop program is a two-day interactive learning experience that includes formal training modules, breakout sessions and interdisciplinary activities designed to promote teamwork and practice problem solving techniques. 

In our relationship with NATA, Aviation  Business Strategies Group's Principals, John Enticknap and Ron Jackson, developed and created the curriculum  as well as facilitated the workshop.  

About the  Certified CSR Program and Workshop

Providing great customer service in an aviation services industry setting is an essential ingredient for developing long-term profitable customer relationships. As an aviation services provider, delivering a great customer service experience helps distinguish an aviation services brand.

In this certification program, attendees  gain valuable knowledge and customer service skills in order to set the tone for a successful customer service experience. They  learn how to deal with disgruntled customers and turn a marginal customer transaction into a fulfilled client transformation.
The certification program is a straightforward two-step process. It starts with a basic fundamentals module administered online through the Safety 1st website and concludes with a robust two-day workshop where attendees complete the curriculum.
We will host interactive sessions where attendees hone their customer service skills. We also include realistic role playing sessions where attendees face true-to-life FBO situations in dealing with customer complaints posed by training facilitators who are also pilots.
The spirit of the certification program is founded on proven premium hotel service deliverables as well as best practices of the aviation services industry.
The training includes the following:
~ Conflict Resolution
~ Problem Solving
~ Personal Presentation 
~ Teamwork and Leadership Skills
~ Cultural Awareness
~ Setting Service Standards and Bringing them to Life
~ Customer Service Do's and Don'ts
~ What Customers Want
~ Building Long-term Profitable Customer Relationships
~ Making the Customer Your Fan
~ Measuring Your Organization's Customer Service Effectiveness
~ The One Question You Should Always Ask a Customer
Interpersonal Skills including:
~ Making a Good First Impression
~ Verbal and Non-Verbal Communications
~ Proper Phone Engagement
~ Personal Greeting and Conversation Guidelines
~ Anticipating Customer Needs
~ Follow-Through and Follow-Up
~ Ways to Remember Customer's Names
~ Becoming Empowered
Operational Familiarity and Logistics including:
~ Airport Operations
~ Ramp Safety and Towing
~ Aircraft Fueling and Ground Support
~ Fuel and Service Invoicing
~ Operations Software Capabilities
~ Minimizing Credit Card Fees
~ Up-Selling Fuel and Other Services
~ IS-BAH Overview
Who Should Attend?

FBO Customer Service Representatives (CSRs)
Aircraft Greeters and Facilitators
Concierge Personnel
Schedulers & Dispatchers
Managers and Supervisors
Anyone involved in delivering a great customer service experience

​​​​​​Inaugural NATA Certified CSR Program and Workshop

Sept. 27 & 28, Long Beach, CA ......The inaugural  NATA CSR Certification Workshop was a sell out with 40 registered attendees seeking to become a Certified Customer Service Representative (CCSR). 

Ross Aviation, Long Beach (Formerly AirFlight) hosted the event in their award winning facilities and lunches were provided by Air Culinare, a workshop sponsor. Also sponsoring the event was Enterprise/National Car Rental. 

Picured below are photos taken at the inaugural event.

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